of low-income 
children are not
reading proficiently
at the end of
third grade

Students who do
not read proficiently by the end of third grade are


more likely to leave high school without
a diploma


Grinnell area organizations have partnered to bridge
the reading gap utilizing a variety
of programs which address seven areas
of focus


Grinnell area AmeriCorps service members have provided taskforce coordination and direct


Prepare your child for successful learning

Top 10 Skills for Children Entering Kindergarten
  1. Manages behavior in a group setting without causing disruption.

  2. Plays, learns and interacts with peers cooperatively.

  3. Identifies and follows basic safety rules with help.

  4. Is able to get along with others in a social setting.

  5. Carries out tasks and moves between activities, even when difficult, with little distress.

  6. Identifies and responds to feelings of self and others.

  7. Uses items that belong to self and others respectfully and appropriately.

  8. Finds an adult to help in challenging situations.

  9. Is able to cooperate with others in pretend play by using their imagination and sharing role playing.

  10. Prints letters of own name
    with help.

Image by Shalev Cohen
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Top 10 Benefits of
Reading Aloud to Your Baby
  1. Promote listening skills.

  2. Increase the number of vocabulary words babies hear.

  3. Develop attention span and memory.

  4. Help babies learn uncommon words.

  5. Help babies learn to understand the meaning of words.

  6. Help babies learn concepts about print.

  7. Help babies learn to get information from illustrations.

  8. Promote bonding and calmness for both baby and parent.

  9. Stimulate the imagination and all the senses.

  10. Instill the love of books and learning!

Dr Janet Stutz.jpg
"Our school district is lucky to have such a great support system with the Grinnell Education Partnership and the key programs they provide. Equipping our students with more ways to learn not only positively impacts their current growth, but prepares them for life post-graduation."
—Dr. Janet Stutz
Grinnell-Newburg School District Superintendent
2019-20 AmeriCorps Cohort & Host Site Su
"We've been able to take great strides together at the Grinnell Education Partnership to ensure our students are given more opportunities to learn and identify greater interest in their learning paths. We have an amazing network of teachers and volunteers – I'm proud to be part of it!"
—Nikki Laug
AmeriCorps Alum &
Healthy Readers Taskforce Coordinator
Outstanding Nonprofit Collaboration Awar
"As LINK Grinnell has expanded, we have been able to infuse literacy into our day camp program with the support of the Grinnell Education Partnership. They continually identify ways to provide our youth with essential skills within locations and programs in which these kids are already involved."
—Chad Nath
Executive Director of LINK Grinnell &
Host Site Supervisor
"Since its inception, the Grinnell Education Partnership has worked diligently to strengthen community connections through synergistic partnerships. When we started the summer learning program in 2015, we were able to build on the success of it to define key areas of focus and rely on those partners to help us build more programming and literacy activities to address those focus points. It's truly a well-rounded community effort!"
—Karen Neal
Youth Services Director at
Drake Community Library & Host Site Supervisor
2019-20 AmeriCorps Cohort & Host Site Su


The Grinnell Education Partnership has been recognized on the state and national level for effective cross-sector collaboration benefitting kids and families. 

  • 2016 Leave It Better Than You Found It Award for highly collaborative community involvement and effective success during its initial stages. (Grinnell-based Claude W. and Dolly Ahrens Foundation)

  • 2018 Pacesetter Award for outstanding alignment between private, public, and social sectors to achieve measurable progress in literacy achievement (Campaign for Grade Level Reading)

  • 2018 Bright Spot for inspirational solutions (Campaign for Grade Level Reading)

  • 2018 Council of Champions for extraordinary individual contributions. Five community members were inducted into the Council of Champions for their outstanding contribution to the campaign — Sarah Seney, Karen Neal, Chad Nath, Doug Cameron, and Julie Gosselink (Campaign for Grade Level Reading)

  • 2019 Presidential Excellence Award for volunteerism (International Town and Gown Association)

  • 2019 Pacesetter Award for demonstrating population-level progress in the key progress indicator of grade-level reading proficiency in K-3 for low-income children. Also received recognition for serving as a proof point in strengthening cross-sector collaboration, interagency partnership and community-wide mobilization (Campaign for Grade Level Reading)

  • 2019 Outstanding Nonprofit Collaboration Award for demonstrating excellence in collaborative efforts that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of services with the long-term goal of enhancing Iowa communities (State of Iowa)

  • 2020 President's Engaged Campus Community Partner Award and Community Collaboration Award (Iowa/Minnesota Campus Compact)