Educational Programs

Skills Gap

Identifies soft skill development activities for youth cradle to career. Community partners and volunteers create enrichment opportunities, educational pathways, and career options in Poweshiek County to ensure that soft-skill building programs are available for students to be better prepared for life beyond school.  

The Grinnell Education Partnership is a “collective impact” project utilizing the national Campaign for Grade Level Reading framework to better align community resources so all kids in the greater Grinnell area benefit from resources and opportunities. Supported by a team of AmeriCorps members embedded in nonprofit organizations across the community, the partnership is helping to ensure that Grinnell’s kids get both a strong start and strong finish to their school experience.

Grinnell College – together with the Greater Poweshiek Community Foundation – orchestrates a network of more than 20 organizations, who serve as community-based innovators, bringing their respective resources, skills, credibility, influence, access and knowledge to the table. Since the program’s inception in 2015, the Grinnell Education Partnership has engaged approximately 150 AmeriCorps members, involved more than 20 local organizations and coordinated more than 300 volunteers who have contributed more than 1,000 hours of volunteer time.

The Partnership is dedicated to supporting kids through seven
key Educational Programs: 


Summer Learning

Helps mitigate summer learning loss for young children through enrichment programs across the community.  Community partners and volunteers collaborate, coordinate and plan programing for Grinnell youth with the goal of helping young people continue to learn and retain reading skills over the summer.

Healthy Readers

Identifies a variety of health and wellness solutions for children and their families. Community partners and volunteers work together to create new health and wellness activities (such as mileage club, food tastings, 5210 projects) and other sustainable programming to support the well-being of kids and families in Grinnell.


After School Enrichment

Helps ensure literacy-related activities are integrated beyond the school day for young children. Community partners and volunteers work together to offer a variety of activities for kids including onsite and remote homework help, engaging learning activities, and social/emotional support building lasting relationships with kids in Grinnell.


School Readiness

Prepares Pre-K students with tools to successfully enter kindergarten and kick-start their learning careers. Community partners and volunteers work together to ensure young children are prepared to learn from birth to school age, providing families with tools, tips, resources, and outreach opportunities (such as kindergarten camp) so kids are ready to learn from day one. 

Family Engagement

Encourages community, family and parental involvement in a child’s learning and development.  Community partners and volunteers engage families, build awareness of community-based education initiatives, and develop programming to better support families and kids in meaningful ways that give kids a strong start to K-12 education.



Identifies solutions to promote student attendance.  Community partners and volunteers work with with families to ensure there are support systems in place so students can attend school regularly.