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#GEP12Days — Day 6 : Making Math Easy!

Math is a topic that makes a lot of people nervous. It can be a daunting subject for many people, and if one doesn’t feel confident in their math skills, it can be difficult to feel qualified to help others with math. But with younger kids, math doesn’t have to be hard! We use math every day without realizing it. Early experiences in math can help children develop curiosity, inventiveness, and persistence. Here are some fun activities to build your child's math skills:

  1. Here is a wonderful PDF that has information and activities to reveal the hidden math in life, from counting to shapes to measurement.

  2. You can create a DIY puzzle from a cereal box to help develop spatial thinking.

  3. Scholastic lists many ways to play with math, like playing UNO and setting up a play store.

  4. Here are tips for caregivers to consider about math, especially if it is something that causes anxiety.

Need book recommendations? Drake Community Library has got you covered with a Math and Counting booklist!

  • Bedtime Math by Laura Overdeck

  • Counting by Sara Pistoia

  • My First Math Book by David Clemson

  • Science & Math by Jean Feldman

  • Shapes & Patterns in the Natural World

For more titles check out our online catalog at:

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