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It's Never Too Early to Begin Reading With Your Child

Every time you read and talk with your little one, you are building a stronger brain for your rapidly growing child and laying the foundation for a lifelong love of reading.

Reading aloud develops vocabulary and language skills. Reading together teaches new concepts - like colors and foods - and stimulates your child's imagination and brain development, which helps to build the necessary skills needed for kindergarten


Prepare your child for successful learning

Top 10 Skills for Children Entering Kindergarten

1. Manages behavior in a group setting without causing disruption.

2. Plays, learns and interacts with peers cooperatively.

3. Identifies and follows basic safety rules with help.

4. Is able to get along with others in a social setting.

5. Carries out tasks and moves between activities, even when difficult, with little distress.

6. Identifies and responds to feelings of self and others.

7. Uses items that belong to self and others respectfully and appropriately.

8. Finds an adult to help in challenging situations.

9. Is able to cooperate with others in pretend play by using their imagination and sharing role playing.

10. Prints letters of own name with help.

Top 10 Benefits of Reading Aloud to Your Baby

1. Promote listening skills.

2. Increase the number of vocabulary words babies hear.

3. Develop attention span and memory.

4. Help babies learn uncommon words.

5. Help babies learn to understand the meaning of words.

6. Help babies learn concepts about prints.

7. Help babies learn to get information from illustrations.

8. Promote bonding and calmness for both baby and parent.

9. Stimulate the imagination and all the senses.

10. Instill the love of books and learning!


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