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Member Spotlight: Family Engagement Taskforce Coordinator

Saiham Sharif is a recent graduate of Grinnell College. He had served as an AmeriCorps member during GEP's summer programming during his time at the College and decided to dedicate his first year post-graduation to service as an AmeriCorps VISTA at GEP.

Saiham describes his role as building a positive relationship between families and the school district. This requires not just interaction with families and schools, but the entire community, as well as an intentional focus on making education inclusive to all.

This year, Saiham's projects include:

  • Encouraging participation in projects focused on homework help, such as the Homework Hangout with GCMoA. The goal is to help raise awareness and availability of programming supported by DCL, GCMoA, and other AmeriCorps members.

  • Creating surveys to gauge and strengthen student support at the high school level, so that students who may struggle due to conditions beyond their control can find more support networks.

  • Contacting members of the REDI community and brainstorming on how to ensure that students with different needs are supported.

  • Finding ways to strengthen peer mentoring networks.


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