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Member Spotlight: GEP Data and Planning Coordinator

Lindsey Altenhofen and her family moved to Grinnell in April of 2021. She and her husband, Jordon welcomed their first child to the world in late August. While new to the community, Lindsey brings experience as an elementary classroom teacher with a passion for providing quality educational experiences for all students. As a graduate of the University of Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, she worked for several years as an upper elementary classroom teacher. Lindsey also holds a master’s degree in literacy education from Drake University and is a certified K-8 Reading Specialist.

The position of GEP Data and Planning Coordinator provides an exciting opportunity for Lindsey to build on the skills she’s used in previous roles as an educator, as well as learn new skills.

Lindsey's projects this year include:

  • Coordinating data activities to assess status, outcomes, and plans for sustainability

  • Assisting with communications projects helping Grinnell College fulfill its “backbone” role for the GEP, building awareness and understanding of this impactful community-wide effort.

  • Maintaining and adding to the GEP website


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